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Good AI Capital is a venture fund focusing on early-stage AI companies in Healthcare, Fintech, Enterprise, and Automation. With a mission-driven thesis of doing well by doing good, we invest in technical founders who are keen on applying AI towards solving some of the acutest problems faced across industries.

With our deep scientific/engineering/life sciences background, GPs aim to be the first institutional investor in a company behaving more like co-founders, rolling up our sleeves and helping the founders to identify product-market fit, raise funding, and ultimately scale the operations.

With our ample commercialization experiences as well as strong ties with industry leaders such as Novartis, Merck, and Illumina, we look for some of the most transformative IPs in Synthetic Biology, Precision Medicine, Machine Learning, Robotics, and Automation, turning them into the most successful companies.

Co-investing with leading investors such as Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed, Sequoia, DFJ, Uber, Data Collective, NVIDIA, Novartis, Menlo Ventures, and Stanford Endowment,  Good AI intends to own 5-10% of the companies at the exit in order to achieve a minimum of 4x return. Our investment (including unicorns such as Sofi and Playco) track record (ten companies, 47% expected IRR, 4.0x TVPI ) is a testament to the success of the strategy.

Web : goodai.capital Twitter : @darwinl LinkedIn : darwinling

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